Lavide Sous Vide LV140 Waterbath


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    Lavide Sous Vide LV140 Waterbath

    RM6,800.00 RM6,000.00


    •     Water capacity: 14 liters
    •     Display input resolution:  ± 0,1°C
    •     Temperature accuracy with PID: ± 0,1°C
    •     Temperature setting range: +5°C bis +99°C
    •     Temperature setting: Electronically illuminated display with large numbers – waterproof
    •     Factory calibration: standard
    •     Programmable Timer: 1 minute to 99 hours – adjustable / with acoustic signal
    •     Water circulation: Lavide uses no pump, every bath uses convection and is calibrated in factory
    •     Internal container dimensions (L x W x H):  325 x 300 x 150 mm
    •     External container dimensions (L x W x H):  361 x 332 x 290 mm
    •     Voltage / Power Supply: 220-240 V / 50-60Hz
    •     Heating power: 1000 W
    •     Weight of LV.140: 9,9 kg
    •     Stainless steel drain for emptying
    •     Safety Equipment: FI-over-temperature protection
    •     Other security device: water level sensor (if water level drops too much the heating stops)
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  • Lava Bottle Stopper (Set of 2)


    The original from Lava. Whether high-quality vegetable or nut oil, fine wines, fruit juice or balsamic vinegar, the Lava-bottle tops ensures that quality and freshness is preserved.

    For example, the oxidation process of wine is greatly slowed down and lengthens the drinking experience by up to 15 days.

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  • Lava New Line Container 4pcs


    Enjoy Freshnes – with the Lava new-line vacuum containers made of high quality plastic (100 % BPA free). Perfect for tea, herbs, bread, vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, sausage and precooked foods.

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  • Lava L+ Pressure Regulator


    For softening the vacuum – perfect for sensitive products

    Features & Advantages

    • Delivery: 1 piece
    • The vacuum can be set exactly from maximum down to low pressure of -0.2 bar
    • no regulation to stop button or “early manual sealing” as often at other makes
    • Perfect for products such as bread, vegetables, smoked fish, fruit, etc.
    • Sauces and soups should always vacuum packed in a container
    • Also ideal for sensitive products in the commercial sector

    Available accessorie for the vacuum sealer models V.100 to V.200. In models V.300 to V.500 already standard. We highly recommend this accessory for the Lava Vacuum Packager V.300 to V.500, since at this models the set pressure can be read from the manometer.

    The pressure control can indeed retrofitted easily in all previously purchased Lava vacuum devices (V.100 / V.200 / V.300 / V.333) .

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  • Lava Vacuum Attachment


    For fast and easy vacuuming of Lava vacuum tanks and vacuum boxes..

    Design and product benefits

    • Made from high quality plastic
    • Hose connection at the Lava Vacuum Seale
    • Ideal for vacuum sealing of preserving jars and twist off the tank
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  • Lava Container Jars (Set of 6)


    New: 6 glasses in a set (0,5 or 0,75 or 1,0 liters)

    High quality jars, made in Germany. These preserve jars can be easily vacuum packed with the Lava vacuum cover for jars.

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  • Lava Label


    Suitable for all vacuum bags and films. For simple and clean labeling with a permanent marker. Tip: Use the Lava permanent marker.

    Features & Advantages

    • Delivery: 100 labels per roll
    • With English area-description
    • Labelling areas: content / weight / date / price
    • Very durable foil labels (no paper!)
    • High adhesive power and resistance when using in the freezer
    • Washable and suitable for all vacuum bags and vacuum rolls


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  • Lava Glass Adapter


    The Lava Cover For Jars fits all bulbous twist-off jars (pickle jars, sauerkraut glasses …) with screw-cap cover and a glass diameter of about 8 to 9 cm and at the 2-piece aluminum cover-jars (such as Leifheit) up to 8.5 cm lid diameter.

    Handling is incredibly easy!

    Adjust the Vacuum-Cover and plug it in your Lava Vacuum-Machine, close now the lid of your glass, until it goes a bit harder, then put the Vacuum-Cover on the lid and the machines takes out all the air out of the glass and after a few seconds it is ready. That’s it! By the way, ideal for preservation, because then you reach a high vacuum in the glass.

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  • Dry-Ager DX500


    Bulk Item – Indent Order Only. Please contact us if you are interested in this product and we will offer you the indent timeline.

    DX 500®  – The German-Made Dry-Aging Fridge for up to 20 kg of meat. Order your unit now!Professional Dry-Aging Refrigerator for dry-aged beef, pork, ham and salami, does not need any water-connection or water-container!

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