Lava Container Jars (Set of 6)


New: 6 glasses in a set (0,5 or 0,75 or 1,0 liters)

High quality jars, made in Germany. These preserve jars can be easily vacuum packed with the Lava vacuum cover for jars.

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Make a vacuum within seconds and keep your products in these special Lava vacuum jars & glasses much longer fresh.

Here we describe how to handle the Lava vacuum cover for jars:

Adjust the Vacuum-Cover and plug it in your Lava Vacuum-Machine, close now the lid of your glass, until it goes a bit harder, then put the Vacuum-Cover on the lid and the machines takes out all the air out of the glass and after a few seconds it is ready. That’s it! By the way, ideal for preservation, because then you reach a high vacuum in the glass.

Tip: Before vacuuming allow cooling down the content


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