Lava Fluid Stop


The original Lava LiquidStop

(ideal also for use as bone protection)

Delivery: 1 Rolls 30 cm x 12 m  (W x L)

No more leaky welds, air extractors, or high amounts of liquids in the unit. Especially with Vacuum-Sealers that have just 1 sealing, it can happen that because of a higher content of liquid, the sealing qwill not be perfect, it comes to unwanted air extractors. Therefore the Lava LiquidStop is perfect! Also ideal for use as a bone protection, so the bag is not damaged.

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Application of the original Lava LiquidStop

  • Cut down from the 30 cm wide roll a strip of 2 cm
  • Insert above this strip just below the weld area
  • It is important that the entire width of the bag is covered
  • The fluid* accumulates in the strip now during the vacuum process
  • The weld is clean and the bag is sealed
  • Sufficient for example for up to 600 bags of 30 cm width

Technical Features + Notes – Lava LiquidStop
The Lava LiquidStop consists of a special breather (pulp insert), which is embedded by lamination and punching between two layers of PE film.

Surely the Lava LiquidStop is entirely suitable for food (tested according to standard EN 1186-15 and edited Directive 97/48 IEG food regulations (SQTS). The manufacturer is protected by patents, the product and also leads the proof of the safety method statement pursuant to § 35 LMBG and DIN EN standards of the IFU GmbH.

*In spite of Lava LiquidStop excessive amounts of liquid or liquid can not be vacuumed. It’s recomended to use a case or to freeze the liquids.

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