Lava Glass Adapter


The Lava Cover For Jars fits all bulbous twist-off jars (pickle jars, sauerkraut glasses …) with screw-cap cover and a glass diameter of about 8 to 9 cm and at the 2-piece aluminum cover-jars (such as Leifheit) up to 8.5 cm lid diameter.

Handling is incredibly easy!

Adjust the Vacuum-Cover and plug it in your Lava Vacuum-Machine, close now the lid of your glass, until it goes a bit harder, then put the Vacuum-Cover on the lid and the machines takes out all the air out of the glass and after a few seconds it is ready. That’s it! By the way, ideal for preservation, because then you reach a high vacuum in the glass.

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Design and product benefits

  • Delivery: 1 piece
  • Made of unbreakable ABS plastic, with 85 cm hose
  • Vacuuming possible with vacuum sealer
  • For all twist-off mason┬ájars are suitable, as indicated above


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