Lavide Sous Vide LV140 Waterbath

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  •     Water capacity: 14 liters
  •     Display input resolution:  ± 0,1°C
  •     Temperature accuracy with PID: ± 0,1°C
  •     Temperature setting range: +5°C bis +99°C
  •     Temperature setting: Electronically illuminated display with large numbers – waterproof
  •     Factory calibration: standard
  •     Programmable Timer: 1 minute to 99 hours – adjustable / with acoustic signal
  •     Water circulation: Lavide uses no pump, every bath uses convection and is calibrated in factory
  •     Internal container dimensions (L x W x H):  325 x 300 x 150 mm
  •     External container dimensions (L x W x H):  361 x 332 x 290 mm
  •     Voltage / Power Supply: 220-240 V / 50-60Hz
  •     Heating power: 1000 W
  •     Weight of LV.140: 9,9 kg
  •     Stainless steel drain for emptying
  •     Safety Equipment: FI-over-temperature protection
  •     Other security device: water level sensor (if water level drops too much the heating stops)

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The Sous-Vide Water Bath model LV.140 is a popular product for the mobile professional Sous-Vide cooking. The device is characterized by its elegant design combined with the sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that enables high-precision PID temperature control. It has a water level sensor and stainless steel drain. Especially in the commercial sector LV.140 is much used, as it has ab optimal capacity of 14 liters.

A Lavide Sous-Vide device is a ★★★★★ quality-product for a very long lifetime. Lavide does NOT import any devices from Far-East like many others of our competitors do, please notice that. Lavide delivers best quality that is powerful and accurate from the day of delivery until the last day of use, this is a promise you get. Expect best quality, nothing else!

THE ADVANTAGES of the Lavide LV.140

  •     High quality Sous-Vide technology for outstanding value for money
  •     Developed for the star cuisine – now finally affordable for the household and catering
  •       Perfect for Sous-Vide with water and also for direct-cooking with oil
  •     Temperature accuracy with PID-Regler: ± 0.1 °C*
  •     Complete stainless steel design, very robust and stable
  •     Water content: 14 liters
  •     Sturdy stainless steel drainage (standard)
  •     Temperature adjustment range: +5 to +99 °C
  •     Strong heating (especially rapid heating of the bath): 1000 W
  •     Compact size. Inner size 325 x 300 x 150 mm (L x W x H), Outer size 361 x 332 x 290 (L x W x H)
  •     Without pump, no maintenance
  •     Standard water level sensor, automatic switch-off when the water level drops too much
  •     Each bath is calibrated at the factory, which confirms the exact temperature accuracy
  •     Thermal protection: the Sous-Vide LV.140 can be turned on only when water filled
  •     Intuitive operation of the illuminated display with large buttons
  •     Splash-proof keypad
  •     The sturdy plastic handle on the top unit protects your hands from getting too much heat
  •     Smooth surface without deep grip surfaces for easy cleaning


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