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Thanks to the experience of  MAM ovens,  a company active in the production of professional ovens for pizza since 1970, WeGrill has developed this new pizza oven. WeGrill  allows you to cook the pizza quickly or in the classic 2.30 minutes, exactly as in professional pizzeria ovens.

This WeGrill has two burner arrangement, one above and one below the refractory plate, which can be manually adjusted to better control both the oven temperature that the refrattaria. WeGrill stone pizza oven is designed for optimum cooking of the pizza, both fresh, frozen and also pre or parcooked.

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Structure 304 stainless steel satin
supply Natural gas or LPG
burners 2 Infrared ceramic
dimensions H 430 x W 600 x D 460 mm
closing Glass removable door
cooking grill Stainless steel 400×300 mm
refractory plate MAM from 3 cm


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