Why you should start cooking sous vide today.

To the uninitiated- the Sous Vide cooking technique may sound like another one of those sophisticated new styles of cooking. Maybe it sounds like an expensive investment to make, or perhaps it could be too difficult to use?

Not to worry! These claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, Sous Vide is one of the easiest, most common cooking techniques used by restaurants around the world. The consistency behind the high quality of restaurant food lies in temperature control- and sous vide is one of the most reliable methods to ensure the perfect temperature for each meal with little to no effort whatsoever.

Let us explain:

What exactly is Sous Vide Cooking?

In a nutshell, Sous Vide refers to a method of cooking where food is placed in vacuum-sealed bags and is given a slow and precise treatment in a temperature-controlled water bath.

The sealed bags that have been put in the water will take it’s time to reach the exact temperature that has been set. Once it’s ready, feel free to use, chill or freeze the end produce.

This method effectively eliminates all the guesswork in cooking with just a few presses of buttons. No longer will you rush for the oven or worry about the various problems of under or overcooking. It is literally impossible for the temperature of the food to exceed the temperature of the water.

Besides the fact that it’s a proven method and it’s easy, there are plenty of reasons why you should start using sous vide today!

Here are just some of the most important benefits:

1.) It’s naturally tastier

It’s time to say goodbye to any extra salt or unnecessary flavouring!

As the food is placed in a vacuum sealed bag, most of the natural juices and flavours will be retained within the bag itself and will remain in your finished product.

Besides, if you do need more flavour- Sous Vide cooking actually enhances the taste of any spices or sauces that is in the bag along with your protein! You can easily put in your flavourings in the bag alongside your protein before cooking to enjoy the same taste-retention benefits.

2.) It’s healthier and safer.

Like we mentioned above, there is less of a need for any additional flavourings as most of the natural flavour is preserved thanks to the sealed bags. This will, in turn, encourage a reduction of seasonings in your meals, thus making it healthier.

However, Sous Vide also comes with one important health advantage: No cross contamination.

Basically, cross contamination is the process in which bacteria or other harmful microorganisms transfer onto your food- causing some unwanted (and often harmful) effects such as food poisoning. In fact, some common ways that cross contamination could occur is through basic kitchen appliances such as knives and cutting boards!

With Sous Vide, contact is kept to a minimum. Thus, the risk of cross contamination is significantly reduced!

3.) It’s consistent and reliable.

Want to be known as a culinary maestro amongst your dinner guests?

With the all-powerful ability to control cooking temperatures as you please, you’ll never serve up another overcooked steak or grey-yolked boiled egg ever again!

Instead, you’ll find yourself serving up some restaurant quality meals- cooked just right every single time.

With exact temperatures, come consistent results.

4.) You’ll save time. 

It may be true that the Sous Vide technique takes a while to cook your food- but many do not take into consideration the amount of time you’ll save with its practicality and flexibility.

Here is the thing with Sous Vide cooking: You don’t have to consistently check on it as you do with most other cooking methods! You can simply just set it up and leave until you are ready to serve your meal! You will be left with plenty of hands-off time to use for other activities!

While the water bath does the job for you, you can go about on other matters as your food is being cooked. You could prepare other technical components of your meal, clean up, watch a show, entertain your dinner guests…… the list goes on.

Sounds exciting? Here’s a link to our very own sous vide temperature chart!

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